Friday lunch time is an important time for new members to get to know each other and it has been a foundation of our community for over five years. Every Friday morning people starting jockeying on where they should vote to go for our group lunch. If you don’t  vote, Craig is going to suggest SliceWorks Pizza (great salads) or some place with BBQ.

On Friday’s there usually a group of ten or so members that go and it’s just a friendly environment that it is where more recently moved remote workers learn the ins and outs of their new city, make friends to play tennis with, and just chit chat about their favorite ski hill or coffee shops with board games. No matter where we go you’ll have a good time, but if you want to have influence on where we go then follow this guide for lunch on Fridays and any other day of the week. An educated voter is the best voter.

This is a guide to our favorite lunch spots in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood:

The District

Bonus: Lunch combo for a under $10, there is always room for us
Negative: Sometimes it feels too far away, a limiting but delicious menu

Slice Works Pizza

Bonus: Great salads, huge slices of creative pizzas, $.40 garlic knots, good beer prices
Negative: Limited seating for large groups

Tycoon Ramen and Sushi Bar

Bonus: Available seating and affordable sushi
Negative: People have to be in the mood for sushi or noodles which can be tricky.

La Pasadita Inn

Bonus: Affordable mexican, two blocks away
Negative: Difficult seating arrangement for groups larger than 8

Kitchen Table Cafe

Bonus: Awesome Kansas style BBQ, good options for vegetarians as well meat lovers
Negative: It’s a bit far away, difficult seating for larger groups


Bonus: Great outdoor patio, a wide variety of American comfort food
Negatives: It can be busy at Friday lunch time and require a wait for large groups

M Uptown (former Hamburger Marys)

Bonus: Right down the street, a big menu, large patio and fun decor
Negatives: Service and be slow, it’s a compromise space when the group can agree

Marczyk Fine Foods

Bonus: Amazing deli, huge sandwiches, get grab and go
Negatives: Expensive deli, no sitting so you have to take it back

WaterCourse Foods

Bonus: Great for vegans, lots of seating, right next door
Negatives: Overpriced, slow service