What we stand for and why we're here

History of Creative Density and its founder, Craig Baute

Built by the Community

In late 2010 Creative Density was started with a vote on location, culture, and a ask of who was in. Creative Density opened in May 2011 as Denver’s second coworking space built by the remote workers and freelancers that called it home. Since then we have continued to grow based on the input of our awesome community.



Space Matters:  A community of friends and support for freelancers, remote workers, and startups.

We are more than a space to come and work, but a community of smart and friendly people that believe in working together, side by side, is better than working alone. By working together in a space we are stronger.

People Matter: A flexible and creative environment for modern professionals.

Creative Density is a flexible and creative environment that has speedy Wifi, amazing coffee, and an inspiring environment so you can get projects done faster.


History: Starting in 2010

Colorado was quickly becoming a coworking hub that rivaled San Francisco, Austin, and New York City. Coworking communities were in Fort Collions, Louisville, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Durango, and Denver. There were several exciting communities forming throughout the region and the freelancer and independents of Colorado were embracing the small but growing coworking movement. However, the numbers were still small and more coworking communities were needed that focused on coworking’s core values, notably in Denver.


In December 2010 DenverCoworking.com was launched to build awareness of the coworking movement going on throughout Colorado and the world. A survey was launched that asked for freelancers and other interested people to vote on the neighborhood, most needed amenities, and to express what their favorite part of coworking was. This allowed for the members to have a voice in the formation of Creative Density and be a space developed for and by the members from the very start. After all of the votes were counted, the Capitol Hill neighborhood won out with over two-thirds of the votes being for Capitol Hill or a directly surrounded region.


The search for the future home of Denver’s next coworking community immediately began in March, and by April a lease was signed for an environmentally-friendly remodeled 1933 mansion at 17th and Emerson. In May 2011, Creative Density will be opening its doors and will be a supportive and fun coworking community for the people of Denver .

The values that started the coworking movement are the foundation of Creative Density, and the members will always have a voice. If you are tired of working from home, hunching over the small tables at a cafe, and want to be part of a greater community of smart and amazing people then stop by and Be Dense! Coworking Values

Founded by Craig Baute

Craig Baute founded Creative Density in 2011 after helping start a coworking community in Toronto. He now sits on the board of the national coworking association, Coshare, founded Denver Coworks, and is a consultant and partner for future coworking spaces.

In 2008 he discovered the benefits of coworking while being a remote market researcher for a Chicago company and living in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he learned about movement.

Prior to opening Creative Density he was a market researcher and strategist for new products. He has an MBA from Grand Valley State University where he focused on international markets and has recently lived in Australia, Hungary, and Canada. Craig is now focusing on helping the coworking movement grow in a variety of forms. His passion is to help use coworking as a form of economic development in small towns throughout America and internationally.