Real-world experience creates community-building confidence, and with Coworking Catalysts: you get both.

Angel and Craig will help you every step of the way by sharing the genuine enthusiasm and down-to-earth expertise that can only come from running their own spaces every day.

Who are the Catalysts?

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Angel Kwiatkowski

Community Builder, Design Lover

She is the founder of Cohere, the first and largest community-managed shared office space in Fort Collins, Colorado. Since its opening in 2010, Cohere has helped more than 100 local freelancers and remote employees integrate in their community to achieve professional and personal success.


Craig talking, black and white

Craig Baute

Market Researcher, Coworking Space Owner

Craig has been a coworking space owner since 2010 in Canada and the USA. He is the market researcher, business modeler, and small town lover of the team.

Coworking Owners

Craig and Angel still own and operate their own coworking communities keeping them up to date on trends and constantly experiment to make stronger communities and growing businesses.

10+ years of Coworking Experience

Coworking is a young industry and these two have been around since nearly the start.

Professional Community Builders

They know it goes beyound just a smile and free beer. Let them show you how.

Catalysts Consulting

Simple Pricing & Focused Plans. Just like your future successful coworking community.

Community Building

Building a community is important before you have a space. It also sometimes needs a reboot after a few years of being open. No matter where you are at we’ll help you build and engaged community that makes your place more than space.


Are you thinking about leasing a space or own a space and want to know if it is a good fit for coworking? We will work with you to understand your neighborhood, design floor layouts that engage your community while using the space effectively, and we’ll estimate your costs and revenue potential in a real world way that only comes with experience.

Operations + Job Training

Space isn’t everything, but it is important. We take the time to understand your neighborhood and your space to let you know what type of coworking space would work best and a series of potential layouts with estimated business projections and costs.

Our Philosophy

Coworking is changing the way people work for the better. It allows people to connect in a natural way that is difficult when working in cubicles or at home. Coworking is about community, collaboration, sustainability, openness and accessibility. By living in these values, we build financially successful sharing hubs that are member centric.

People are awesome. Lets come together. 

Our Coworking Thoughts

Why a Coworking Space is Important to Your Local Economy

There are some who still view coworking as a a quirky niche instead of the future of work. That might be hard for those of us who love coworking to believe, but important for us to remember as we try to grow our communities. While it’s true that coworking

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Why Angel Uses Cobot to Manage Her Coworking Space

The short answer is that using space management software frees me up to do more important things: like making hotdogs for the members. For the long answer, keep reading. People often see Cohere’s logo on the Cobot website and ask for my thoughts on this...

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